Hotel Highlight: Virgin Chicago

I recently had one of my semi-annual trips to Chicago. Generally speaking, Chicago can be a bit overwhelming compared to my hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. However, my favorite part of staying in Chicago is staying at the Virgin Hotel downtown. It's the perfect place for a quick happy hour, night cap, and sleeping comfortably and in style. The rooms are always modern and bright. This past trip I had a nice corner room with a beautiful view of the city. You can tell that these rooms were designed specifically to enhance the guest experience (as opposed to saving every penny to increase margins). They feature unique mini-bar choices (at fair prices), great lighting and LOTS of charging ports/outlets which always seems to be the biggest pain in hotels. However, the most convenient part of course is the easy, reliable and free wifi. I had been on a conference call from the time I set foot on the orange line train until the time I checked into my room. It was great how conveniently I got switched over to the wifi. I didn't miss a beat!

Once I got off my call and had a quick rinse off in the giant walk in shower (with great water pressure), I headed straight for the Commons Club for a much needed drink. I love having swanky options like this in my hotel while traveling (especially without having to break the bank). Virgin Chicago feels like a little resort in the middle of busy Chicago. That night came my only complaint of the whole (1.5 day) trip. The group I was with insisted on going to a cigar bar that evening before dinner. Only packing enough clothing for a change of under garments and one fresh shirt, I knew I was destined to spend the following day smelling like a walking cigar butt. By the time I woke up the next morning, all my clothes had a distinct stench of cigars and, because I only had a few hours before my flight, I had two options; be stinky, or buy new clothes. This exact experience is why we started Tersa Inc. and want to bring Tersa Steam to every hotel we stay at. Especially the hotels we love, like Virgin! Know another hotel that we should highlight as a Tersa Hotel? Want to see your own hotel featured? Please submit your hotels here!

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