Hardware Highlight: Plum Wine

Are you a wine drinker? Traveler? Both? Then you'll love Plum Wine.

Plum is a wine-by-the-glass dispenser that not only provides the perfect pour everytime, but also perfectly preserves your favorite bottles for enjoyment over extended periods of time.

So what does this incredible device have to do with travel? Well, you can expect to start seeing it appear in your favorite hotel rooms! Imagine returning to your room after a full day of business travel. You unpack, get comfortable, and would love a glass of wine to enjoy as you unwind. Instead of having to call down, place your order, and await it's arrival you could instead pour your own glass from the comfort of your room. Now that is a luxurious amenity.

Not only is Plum an incredible feature for both business & leisure travelers, but it also provides hotels with an incredibly easy way to recover service, improve conversions, and save on manpower. If other aspects of a guests stay have been lacking having the ability to offer a complimentary glass of wine from the front desk without having to send any staff up with the drink. On the inverse, it's also an incredibly powerful way to welcome your rewards/loyal travelers to your property! Simply let them know they have a complimentary glass of chilled wine awaiting them in their room at check-in. So - how does this whole thing work? Well it's not too complex! The Plum system has housing for two bottles of wine - allowing you to provide red or white wines. Once they are secured in the housing a dual needle punctures the cork & foil to simultaneously draw liquid out while putting Argon gas in to preserve the rest of the bottle. A pair of cooling fans allow you to serve the wine at your favorite temperatures. There is a built-in cleaning process that allows for easy cleaning & servicing - you don't have to worry about flavors blending! As we see more and more hotel rooms looking to add the comforts of home into their properties we can see more products like Plum, Keurig, and even Amazon Alexa entering the hospitality space. It's the simple comforts of familiarity, autonomy, and convenience. If you make your guests feel at home in your property, your property will become their home-away-from-home.

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