In-Room Clothing Care is a Must for Modern Hotels

Modern hotels are adapting to changing guest needs. It's a beautiful sight to see! Mobile apps for check-in/check-out and room service, high speed wi-fi, and happy hours at the lobby bar. These are all attempts to modernize the amenities & services guests use most - yet we are still expected to have to iron our clothes the old fashioned way in our high end, high tech rooms. It's an age-old problem - wrinkled clothes on the road. Travellers are forced to bring steamers from home, setup the iron & ironing board or result to hanging their clothes in the hot shower to make them look fresh. These feel & even sound like more pain than solution. So what can hotels do? Most laundering or dry cleaning services cost an arm & a leg - for the guest AND the hotel. Add to that lengthy wait times for garments to be returned and you have a recipe for...not much. What guests truly need is a convenient & fast way to get their clothes looking & smelling their best from the comfort of their rooms.

They need Tersa Steam.

Imagine - you've finally arrived at this luxurious hotel from the airport or a meeting. You get checked in, get up to your room and realize your clothes are wrinkled & could use a quick refresh. Shouldn't the way you take care of your clothes be on par with the quality of other amenities? Yet we're forced to resort to ironing or hanging garments in the shower. Tersa Steam provides the perfect blend of form & function. Our beautiful mirrored face provides dual functionality in the room while preserving the aesthetics of the room. Once you've opened the door, it's as easy as hanging your garment and pressing go. As we see hotels beef up technology with mobile apps, higher speed wifi, and smart TVs in rooms it would be a worthwhile investment for them to give other amenities the same treatment. When clothing care is an everyday issue - moreso when traveling - Tersa Steam is a dream come true. If you're interested in learning more about getting Tersa Steam for your hotel please drop us a note here!

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