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While most of our time at CES was spent doing demos, networking and talking up our own product - we took some time to venture out into the Sands Expo to check out some other startups and the products that they were showcasing. There were a lot of really cool pieces of tech out there, but we've compiled a few of the coolest products & booths from the show! 1. Smart Beak by ControlAny

The first company on our list is ControlAny - our booth neighbors. This team of guys not only

had a great looking booth, but an awesome product as well! They launched on IndieGoGo the first day of the show and immediately had great success, both online & on the ground.

"ControlAny’s smart home automation product BEAK redefines the concept of intelligent living with its tremendous adaptability and potential to seamlessly integrate with an array of devices. By controlling home lighting, color hue, temperature, blinds, projector and entertainment devices, BEAK emerges as a TRUE LEADER in home automation segment. Explore our highly innovative product that obeys over 65000+ commands from 2000+ models and 500+ brands." Check out their live IndieGoGo campaign here - if you dream of a smart home, this is a product you need!

2. Ovie Smart Food Preservation

The second company on our list was also our neighbor - Ovie. Ovie not only has a really cool product, but their booth looked AWESOME! Between the mocked up tiled backwall, the mounted TV and mini-fridge complete with fresh food it felt like a fully functional kitchen! The product not only looked just as good as the booth, but the functionality is awesome.

How many times have you let fruits or vegetables go bad? Or just leftovers as a whole? According to Ovie, we waste as much as 40% of our food! That's just shameful. In addition to letting you know what food will be going bad soon, Ovie will also offer recipes based on the items in your fridge so you can find a use for them before they spoil. Ovie Smarterware will be launching for pre-sales this Spring and will offer early bird discounts from the $59 MSRP for a 3 pack of tags or $89 for the tags with the containers! It'll pay for itself in no time at all! Sign-up here to get the biggest discounts when they go live!

3. Bartesian Premium Cocktail Maker

The Bartesian was a product that we REALLY liked - not just because it also utilizes the convenience of pod power, but because it can whip up a delicious cocktail in moments. That's right - plug & play cocktails. "Bartesian took the capsule drink experience you're familiar with and applied it to premium cocktails. You keep it stocked with the vodka, gin, rum, tequila and whiskey. Bartesian provides all of the real non alcoholic components you'd otherwise have to source and store in their recyclable capsules.

Select your cocktail preference, open the lid, insert the capsule, when you close it you are prompted to make your strength choice on the touchscreen from mocktail to strong- once you've done so, the machine automatically draws the right amounts of the right spirits, and you've got yourself great tasting cocktails for you and your guests." The Bartesian is available for pre-sales now for $299 & a pack of 12 capsules will cost only $20!

4. Volo Cordless Hairdryer

This product is LONG overdue. Almost as long as the pesky cord on your hairdryer! "The VOLO Go’s groundbreaking technology not only frees you from the confines of cords and outlets, but nourishes your hair unlike any other dryer on the market. The quartz infrared light penetrates the cortex of your hair, drying it from the inside out. This leaves you with a frizz-free shine, and pampers you with the health benefits of infrared light therapy.

Powered by the same lithium-ion battery cells found in electric cars, the VOLO Go is energy

efficient, and as powerful as a salon-quality blow dryer. VOLO Go is innovation in beauty, straight to you."

Cut back on cord clutter and take better care of your hair with VOLO Go - coming this Spring!

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