Tersa Steam @ CES 2018

Las Vegas, NV - The home of the Consumer Electronics Showcase since the late 1970's once again rolled out the proverbial red carpet for the latest and greatest tech from around the globe. Over 180,000 attendees flocked to Sin City for a full week of product demos, media interviews, and networking. While there were several different expo centers hosting the event, our time was spent in the Sands Expo Center, home to Eureka Park, the dedicated startup expo. Now this was not only our first time at CES, but also our first time attending any national trade show. It just happened to be one of the largest in the world. Needless to say, it was a quick baptism by fire. Monday was dedicated to setting up & getting our bearings - there was a lot to take in. Getting checked in, tracking down all our packages and getting them to our booth location took us all morning. After that we had some minor repairs & touch ups to make to our demo units before we could physically setup the booth. After a full day of setup & prep, we grabbed a quick bite and called it a night.

Co-Founder Aaron Tate demos our lower module.

Tuesday was by far our busiest day - most of our appointments were scheduled through the

day and traditionally opening day is used to search out Sands for the startups with the coolest tech. We had a brief interview & demo with Digital Trends that can be found here! We were also invited to demo at the Arrow Electronics & IndieGoGo Booth in the afternoon.

We had a lot of people coming & going through the day - and we got our first couple of international pre-sales!

Our Wednesday was a bit lighter on scheduled events, but we did have the chance to pitch to Home Shopping Networks American Dreams panel at the IndieGoGo Booth!

It was awesome to get in front of a variety of judges and discuss our product - while we didn't win we always enjoy the opportunity to pitch to industry veterans. A big congrats goes to the team at EyeQue who will have the chance to sell their at home eye-testing kits on HSN! Thursday & Friday by far had the biggest slow down in attendance. Our scheduled events were over so we directed our focus to promoting our IndieGoGo campaign and networking. Overall the response to the product was very positive - many agreed that they'd have loved to have a Tersa Steam mounted in their hotel rooms for the week!

We were all very happy to escape the craziness of the show in Vegas and return back to Colorful Colorado, but we're already planning our return in May for the Hospitality Design Expo hosted at Mandalay Bay. Stay tuned for more photos & video from the show!

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