Crowdfunding Accomplished

We did it!

We successfully raised over 200% of our goal on IndieGoGo!

After months of planning we launched our IndieGoGo campaign on August 1st 2017 with an external goal of raising $30,000 & an internal goal of raising $50,000. We accomplished both - and then some! On our final day of the campaign, August 31st, we had reached $63,000, and our sales have continued on the InDemand platform.

Everyone told us that it was critical to raise 30% of your goal in the first two days - we reached it by the end of day one. We hit 100% a week into the campaign, and 150% by the end of that week. Not bad for our first product launch.

We owe a majority of our success to our grassroots networks. The friends & family who backed us on day one and shared the campaign with all of their friends & co-workers. We had a very powerful grassroots network in place long before we ever launched our campaign - obviously our friends & family were our biggest supporters and wanted a Tersa Steam themselves! We offered the biggest discounts to those who first backed the campaign so our friends & family could save more while boosting our GoGoFactor and getting us trending & media attention.

After our first three days we began to refocus our efforts on media outreach - trying to reach publications with relevant and supportive audiences. We had a good bit of success between our own outreach and by partnering with CrowdFund Buzz - a company that specializes in Crowdfunding PR. Articles began popping up and backers with them!

Our campaign earned features in Digital Trends, TechCo, Business Insider, Mashable and many more!

The biggest obstacle we had to overcome was the size of our marketing budget - we had a very minimal amount of money to promote the campaign and wanted to make sure any dollars we spent would have a positive ROI. We partnered with Will Russell Marketing to help us find the most effective way to spend our advertising dollars and were very pleased with the results we had! All in all we were able to hit both of our fundraising goals as well as our goal for number of units sold while creating awesome brand awareness, getting a huge influx of new followers on social media & our website, and generate enough revenue for the year! Moving forward we will be working hard to meet our fulfillment deadlines & continue to raise money on InDemand - don't forget about our stretch goals! We want to hit the $100,000 mark by the end of this year so we can introduce a new color/finish option for your Tersa Home! Help us hit our goals by sharing the campaign here! Be sure to follow us on Facebook & Instagram for behind the scenes looks at fulfillment and for any new updates from the team!

Thank you for your continued support!

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