Pitching at Rockies Venture Club

Pitching your company or idea is an essential part of business. Whether you're trying to convince your family you're not crazy for starting this company or you're pitching to a group of Venture Capitalists for $1 Million, you need to have your pitch ready. While these two pitches will look very different, the art of pitching is one that is perfected every time we do it. We recently had the honor of pitching to the Rockie's Venture Club, a group dedicated to connecting and educating promising entrepreneurs & investors in the Rocky Mountain Region. As part of their Angel Capital Summit event this month a number of student-led startup companies had the chance to pitch their companies in front of over 100 angel investors, network at a happy hour, and sit in on discussion panels and educational lectures.

Charlie Warden pitching at RVC

Our own CEO Charlie Warden represented the Colorado State University GSSE program in the University Startup Challenge. While we didn't win the challenge itself there was no reason to feel defeated. "Presenting at the RVC capital summit was an awesome opportunity to share our product and company story with a group of really experienced men and women." Warden explains, "It was a great chance to practice how we can best communicate the value Tersa Inc. has to offer to potential investors." The pitch is an ever evolving part of your business. It changes with each audience, each goal, and each time we execute. That is why it is so important to not only be constantly trying new things with your pitches, but to also seek out new audiences. What may be a great pitch for one group may fail in epic fashion with another. You need to know your audience and what will work for them. Having the chance to pitch to a room full of successful entrepreneurs and angel investors provided us with incredible insight into what resonates and what doesn't. The feedback we got from the audience was great and having the chance to network further with members of the RVC goes a long way in improving our pitch and finding the next pair of ears to hear it.

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