Our One Year Anniversary

One Year. Doesn't seem like much time when you reflect back on it, does it? 12 months sounds a bit better but, 365 days is the best way to put a year in perspective. 365 days of research, design, development, a healthy dose of failure, and some success here and there. Yeah, that seems like a more appropriate way of looking at it. On March 15th 2017 we celebrated our first full year of incorporation. An idea has become a company and concept became prototype. The rubber has met the road. Almost every day has brought new challenges and new problems, but each one provided the opportunity for us to improve. Not only as a company, but as individuals. We've learned so much about what it takes to start a successful business and become so much more proficient in our roles that I can honestly say our enthusiasm for our work is higher than ever before. And we have good reason to be so excited! Over the last year we've accomplished a number of major milestones:

- Added a 3rd partner to the management team (CMO - Adam Miller)

-Raised $15,000 from Investors

-Developed our 2nd Prototype

-Pitched at various grants & competitions

-Filed a Non-Provisional & International Patent

-Accepted in Boomtown Accelerator Program as a Lab Team

-Developed first line of Tersa Scent

Looking forward we're driven to make 2017 an even better year. We're beginning the design process on our 3rd generation prototype, further developing our Tersa Scent line, pitching the company to even more potential investors and grant programs, and planning on beginning manufacturing in the fall! Of course this would all be for naught if it wasn't for our amazing supporters. We are so blessed to have family, friends, and loved ones who have been so supportive of our journey. Thank you. 363 more days in our second year. Lovin' every second of it.

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