Wrinkles on the Road

Hotel Wakeup

The morning of your meeting you awaken with a start in an all-too-familiar business suite. The phone looses a harsh shriek - your perfectly timed wake-up call. As you sluggishly make your way to your suitcase a harsh reality sets in. Your clothes are completely wrinkled.


In a previous blog post we highlighted a few methods that can be used to eliminate wrinkles from the comfort of your own home, but what about when you're on the road? Whether you're traveling for business, a wedding, or a reunion, you need to look your best - and wrinkles won't cut it. Yet when we travel, no matter how many precautions we take, our clothes end up wrinkled. So now what?

If you're a seasoned traveler, you might have a handheld garment steamer packed in your bag

Garment Steamer

but, let's hope you remembered to empty it before traveling. Otherwise you'll have wet and mildew-y clothes on your hands. If you don't own a steamer or if you don't have the time to spend steaming your clothes by hand (what a tedious process) you'll need an alternative. According to a survey conducted by Omni Hotels, "Nearly half (46%) of respondents said they had purchased new, wrinkle-free clothing for a business meeting during a trip" and "50% of the men surveyed said they try steaming wrinkles out of clothing by hanging them near the hot shower" (They must read our blog!). It's obvious that not everybody is willing or able to buy a new shirt for every meeting they have on the road, and the Steam Shower method isn't a sure fire way to remove wrinkles. You can always try the iron, but that takes time and not all items can be ironed - wrinkles are bad but a damaged garment is far worse.

Looking back to the same phone that shocked you to life not 10 minutes ago, you succumb to your fate. The hotel laundering service. From USA Today, "At the Sheraton New York Times Square, for instance, pressing a typical pair of pants costs $12 while a women's regular blouse costs $12, a silk blouse, $15, and a dress $22. At the Hotel Palomar in San Francisco, pressing a pair of pants costs $6.40, a blouse $6 and a dress $11.20." While these prices are much cheaper than buying a new shirt, they're still on the expensive side and you'll likely need to call ahead if you want the service done in time for your day. Wrinkles on the road is a constant pain for those who frequently travel, but according to the Omni survey, "Many respondents said "they would rather have their teeth pulled than iron." - how's that for pain?

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