3 Easy Tricks to Remove Wrinkles from Clothes

Nothing makes a nice outfit turn sloppy like a healthy dose of wrinkles.

They appear from the depths of your dryer, haunting the clothes you've left unfolded for too long. And of course they're not something you'll discover until its too late. You're getting dressed for an interview, for work, or even just a night out with friends - and then you see it. An abstract pattern of wrinkles across your chest. You're crunched for time. What do you do? If you don't have an iron & ironing board at your disposal there are a variety of household tricks to quickly remove wrinkles from your clothes.

1. The"Steam Shower" Method

This is a classic method that only requires hangers and a hot shower. Using steam to release wrinkles has been in practice for decades and the "Steam Shower" is exactly what it sounds like.

garment steaming

You'll want to place your garments on your shower rod as pictured to the left and make sure that the shower head is angled away from the clothing. Giving each garment a once-over with a lint roller will help remove any excess dirt, hair, etc. and help smooth out the wrinkles. Run the water as hot as possible and close the bathroom door to create a sauna effect. Keep a close eye on the garments and give them the occasional stretch & smooth for the crisp look you're looking for. After 10 minutes you should have the desired results, but it may vary based on how many garments you're steaming this way. Be sure to take a shower before doing this as you certainly won't have much hot water to spare after.

2. The "Dry Ice" Method

wrinkle removal

Okay so this one doesn't actually require any dry ice, but it does require ice in your dryer.

If you're going to maximize the effectiveness of the dry ice method you should try to put a couple garments into the dryer, a couple pants and shirts will do (dryers use a lot of energy, let's not be wasteful here). If you toss a couple (2-3) ice cubes into the dryer with the wrinkled wear and run it on high for 10 - 15 minutes you'll have warm, wrinkle-free clothing to last you at the very least a couple days. You'll want to be careful what you kind of garment you do this with - a wrinkled garment is a nuisance but a shrunken one is useless!

3. DIY Irons

There are a number of household items you can convert into an iron if need be. Pots, hair dryers, and flat irons can all be used to remove wrinkles from your clothes. While it might be time consuming and done manually, ironing is a sure fire way to rid yourself of wrinkles.

Kitchen Pots

Boiling water in a kitchen pot will create enough heat and weight to press wrinkles from your garments. Simply bring the water to boil, pour out the water and use the bottom of the pot to smooth out your problem areas. Be very careful not to burn yourself or your garment! The pot will cool quickly so you'll need to act fast, the round bottom doesn't hold heat as well.

Hair Dryers

wrinkle removal

A hair dryer can effectively remove wrinkles from shirts on hangers.

Simply mist the wrinkled garment with water (keyword: mist) on the problem areas, put the garment on a hanger and place the hair dryer 2 inches away on low-heat. A gentle back and forth motion will relax the wrinkles and the heat will smooth them out. The process should look something like the above image.

Flat Irons Flat irons can be used to target particular areas of clothing, it works especially well on shirt sleeves, collars and pant legs. Be sure to thoroughly inspect and clean your flat iron before use, any residual hair products may stain your garment. You'll want to be very mindful of the time on each spot, the heat and pressure can easily burn clothing. No matter which method you might choose to dewrinkle your clothing, you should always take great care not to burn yourself or you clothes! Wrinkled clothing can always be salvaged, burns not so much.

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